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Alabama is developing a reputation for taking on hot issues. First, the legislature banned abortion and the Governor quickly signed the bill into law. Now the Alabama GOP is demonstrating it has no fear of calling down congressional members, even if they aren’t from Alabama.

‘Bama Republicans are requesting that congressional lawmakers in DC eject Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from the United States Congress. The basis for the action is Omar’s multiple controversial ani-Semitic and anti-Israel statements. The Congresswoman has made rabid calls for boycotts against Israel that are designed to de-stabilize Israel’s economy.

On the weekend of August 24, 2019, Alabama’s GOP controlled legislature approved a resolution urging its US congressional delegation to “proceed with the expulsion process” against Ilhan Omar, who is only a few months into her first-term.

The resolution was carefully worded and stated:

“Representative Omar has engaged in rhetoric that explicitly runs counter to American values and patriotism by falsely accusing U.S. armed forces of committing war crimes while on a mission to liberate her home country of Somalia.”

The GOP resolution made reference to Omar’s 911 comments and her support of the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanctions) movement targeting Israel’s economy, one of the strongest in the Middle East. BDS is a collective effort of supporters of the Palestinian cause.

This was Omar’s Twitter response:

It was Ilhan Omar who called out American armed forces, accusing them of war crimes against Somalia, her home country.

Omar struck hard, directing her wrath at Alabama for its pasts support of Judge Roy Moore who was defeated in his US Senate bid amidst decades-old allegation of improper behavior with underaged girls.

While I and other conservatives appreciate the stance taken by the Alabama Republicans, it’s doubtful the US House of Representatives will act on the resolution. I anticipate a statement of condemnation from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer at any moment.

iVoteAlabama can only applaud the commitment of conservative leadership for its brave stance and the resolution condemning Ilhan Omar’s positions.

Since the story broke, Omar herself has been accused of funneling money to a married campaign worker with who she had an affair that led to the breakup of his marriage.

The jury is still deliberating. I expect a final verdict from Minnesota voters soon.

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